Adelio is a company that manufactures and sells wetsuits, surfing accessories and clothing.

“To journey off the beaten track, get lost, and to recreate our own path is all part of what we dream and aspire to do here at Adelio.”

Brett, one of Adelio’s directors engaged us to photograph their product for their e-commerce website. The requirement was to photograph each product at range of different angles so that the result could be used to show off the product in a 360˚ view with a ghost mannequin.

The wetsuits were modelled and shot with consistent lighting in a range of different viewpoints each. The RAW images were then retouched by Danel Frost from Twolanes Creative.

The finished product images are used on their website. The images are clear and professional allowing the client to see clearly the various attributes of the product and allowing them to make informed decisions when purchasing.

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