Alternative Dairy Co

Having just produced a new variant to their non-dairy range, new imagery needed to be created for their digital and print marketing solutions. A range of images was required to show off Oat Milk being used to make coffee in a professional barista/cafe setting. Showing off the values of the product as well as appealing to the target market (professional coffee makers).

A location was scouted and a bespoke cafe in Merrickville was used as a backdrop to the new Oat Milk variant and various images were shot to portray the product during the various stages of coffee preparation. Background product placement, as well as branded props, were also used in the foreground and background of the images to emphasise the brand.

A library of edited images was supplied to the client for use with their marketing projects. Included in the deliverables was a customised filter created for their brand that could be applied to future imagery.

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