Cartrophen makes products for animal lovers to help treat the medical issues of their beloved pets. Their website was overloaded with all the text and science behind their product. It didn’t have enough imagery to immediately capture the hearts of their clients and make them feel comfortable that Cartrophen had their pet’s best interest at heart. They also felt that their website needed far more interactivity to better explain their product in a modern and user friendly manner.

Working closely with Graphic Designer Harley Johnston, we were brought on to custom coded a visually engaging WordPress website. The new website was imagery first but with all the important information easy to find and navigate. A custom built quiz to better explain the product in an interactive manner was developed. The new, responsive website also included an interactive map to clearly pinpoint the locations of their distributors.

Cartrophen’s new website draws in customers and helps them really understand the product and its uses. They can use the interactive quiz to decide if the product will be specifically necessary for their pet or not. Once they have made a decision it’s easy for them to use the map to find and contact their nearest distributor.


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