UX is about enhancing users interactions with your website by improving the usability, accessibility, and interactivity

User Experience

There is a difference between landing on a perfectly functional website and one that provides a seamless and enjoyable experience that leaves you wanting to explore further and keep coming back. That difference is UX. User Experience is all about designing a user’s journey through a website to be natural and free-flowing. It’s about enhancing their interaction with your website by improving the usability, accessibility, and interactivity.

Brands don’t just use UX because it looks good. It’s actually a powerful sales tool. Great UX will result in increased conversions because it helps gain a user’s trust, increases brand recognition, helps with user retention and makes a user want to discover more. Great UX takes the complexity out of the purchase process and leaves the purchaser with a positive brand experience in the front of their mind.

Increaseo provides a comprehensive UX service starting with our discovery session where we take the time to discuss and learn what it is you want to achieve. You show us what inspires and drives your business, which websites you think are doing it right. We’ll analyse your existing data to understand how your users interact with your current website. We then take that information and incorporate it into prototypes and wireframes prior to the design phase. Our wireframes make it clear exactly what kind of UX journey we will deliver. We’ll work with you to get them just right before we even begin laying down the actual code.

Our skilled UX developers will guide you through:

  • UX workshops
  • Customer journey mapping
  • Wireframing
  • User surveys
  • Data analytics reviews

"Increaseo has impressed through their willing understanding of, and integration with our business. The demonstrated technical competency has ensured they deliver digital solutions thoughtfully in an interwoven, effective manner."

General Manager Marketing
Daniel Derrick

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