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Over the last two decades have seen a swift, definable shift to marketing online, with over 1 billion people now connected online globally and 87% of Australian’s browsing the internet on a daily basis, an ecommerce website has become an essential business commodity.

Today, there is a proliferation of ecommerce platforms and hosted solutions in the marketplace which can make the process of selecting the right platform overly complex and confusing. The fear of making the wrong choice for their ecommerce needs can prevent some businesses from moving forward with their online efforts, due to the realisation that bad choices can often be costly and stagnate business efforts in launching their website. Launching an internet presence can be a stressing time for the many business-owners.

When selecting your ecommerce platform and planning your website’s design and development, businesses should think beyond the development phase and consider ongoing marketing costs required to successfully promote your business as well as monthly maintenance.

Just because you have decided to launch your presence on a free platform like WordPress, doesn’t mean that your development costs will be negligible.

Setting a realistic budget for marketing your website is an extremely important factor to the success of your website. Furthermore, consideration needs to be given to all aspects of the development phase, surprisingly too often, business-owners have preconceived ideas that website development is cheap and fail to understand the time and skills required to successfully launch a website capable of meeting their needs and objectives. The checklist of objectives even in the smallest of website builds can be extensive.

Launching your ecommerce store without a marketing plan is planning to fail. If nobody is aware of your online presence and the products and services that you offer then your newly completed website is going to be forever doomed to be lost in obscurity. Business-owners need to have foreseen and planned for a digital marketing strategy, setting aside a reasonable amount for this purpose on a monthly basis. Businesses should consider marketing options like Social Media Marketing, Google Adwords, Google Shopping and the long-term benefits of a Content Marketing / SEO strategy.

Another area that businesses neglect to estimate in their budgets is that of ongoing costs, expenses such as domain renewals, SSL certificates, hosting and merchant fees as well as future development and maintenance costs.

The only hidden costs are those we do not account for

At Increaseo we take the stress out of launching your ecommerce website, our development team of designers, web developers, and digital marketers have decades of experience and hundreds of satisfied clients.

We offer our customers strategic advice to avoid all the common pitfalls that businesses can experience when setting up their online presence. We guide our customers through the ecommerce development process by doing the necessary industry analysis, we get to know you as a customer and your business objectives. Our planning process identifies key areas in your development cycle and we tailor a website design and e-commerce solution to suit your budget.

We specialise in building Wordpress websites, for eCommerce stores, in particular, we recommend the WooCommerce platform. We build beautifully designed, easy-to-navigate, responsive websites that are easy to administer. We can provide you with expert advice on how to setup your website, products and services for the optimal Customer Experience plus a range of support services so that you can spend your time on what you do best, running your business.

If you want your business to be seen we can tailor a digital marketing strategy just right for you, we specialise in every facet of the digital marketing landscape, including, Google Adwords, Google Shopping, Social Media Ads and Search Engine Optimisation.

"On those occasions when things just break or are not working as they should, I have found Increaseo to be very responsive with workable solutions. But more than a help team, they can also take a brief and create great functioning and visually appealing websites to brief. They know their stuff!"

National Community Engagement Manager
David Martin

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