Content marketing, when done right, doesn’t feel like marketing

Content Marketing

The Art of Storytelling

It could be said, that there is only one thing more engaging than a great story, and that’s a great storyteller, few would argue that some writers are better and more gifted at spinning a yarn than others. A great story has the power to inspire us, stimulate and broaden our minds whilst connecting with us at an emotional level, these are just some of the key elements to successful content marketing.

A storytellers art of persuasion played out by their anecdotal narrative, is what compels us to continue reading one sentence to the next, we are unwittingly transported and bounded by the journey of their imagination which leads us to an intended conclusion.

However, escapism is not just what compels us as individuals to read.

So what are the key elements of writing compelling copy, and what are the benefits of content marketing to businesses today?

One of the key elements of persuasive writing is drawing from personal experiences or that of an expert; when done right, it doesn’t feel like marketing at all and can be one of the most powerful ways to actively get people on board with your thoughts and ideas by communicating in a simple, heartfelt language, this strategic approach stimulates the readers interest in a brand, products or services.

Content marketing can take various forms including articles, recipes, videos, photos, cartoons, infographics, white papers or even conferences, but what makes a content marketing campaign successful is having a well thought out strategy and the implementation of that strategy by delivering quality content.

What are the Benefits of Content Marketing?

The more engaging the on-site content your website has, directly translates to how much time customers spend on your site, increases brand recognition and overtime customer trust, not forgetting that ‘time on site’ is an important ranking factor in the SERPs. Every targeted article you write translates to increased traffic and inbound links to your website and boosts domain authority. Furthermore, by encouraging customer engagement on your website increases social sharing and followers, the more people talking about your brand the better!

Writing purposeful, engaging content can be a time-consuming process, however, the time invested in content marketing is one of the most cost-effective, long-term strategies to increase leads to your website and is directly interconnected with search engine optimisation.

Every article you write essentially leverages the return on your investment.

To ensure the success of your content marketing strategy, due-diligence is required, comprehensive research needs to be done on the prevailing topical social buzz in your marketplace, hitting the right spot with your readers can make your website a worthy resource in your industry, this is where Increaseo can help.

How We Can Help Your Business

At Increaseo, we feel strongly that creating high-quality content is an effective form of marketing that is critical for all businesses. We work with our clients to create relevant, quality content that brings stories to life. We produce content that people want to watch, read and share. Furthermore, it is becoming increasingly important that the content produced is supported via paid advertising, social media promotion, email marketing or influencer outreach to ensure that the content reaches the intended audience.

Our content marketing services and skills include:

  • Content strategy
  • Content audits
  • Content production
    • Editorials
    • Videos
    • Blog posts
    • White-papers
    • Infographics
    • Sales content
  • Content promotion
  • Post-campaign analysis

By cutting through the glut of content currently pervading social media content marketing creates powerful impressions, draws new customers, generates qualified leads to your targeted audience, and increases sales whilst benefiting your search engine rankings. The sooner you start, the quicker your company will start reaping the benefits.

Let us assist you in the planning and execution of a content strategy specifically designed for your business.

"Increaseo has impressed through their willing understanding of, and integration with our business. The demonstrated technical competency has ensured they deliver digital solutions thoughtfully in an interwoven, effective manner."

General Manager Marketing
Daniel Derrick

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