At Increaseo we help you rethink the way you do digital. With a deep knowledge of web technologies, we provide a full range of digital agency services.

Services &Capabilities.

Web Development.

Our Senior web developers know how to create clean code that is essential to ensure a website is fast and responsive for users

Web Design.

Integrated with User Experience Design, Web Design creates an aesthetically pleasing outcome that performs for your business to increase sales

Digital Strategy.

Having a successful digital strategy aligns online activities with a business’s objectives and offline efforts, this helps determine which online channels to focus on and which ones to ignore. Your digital strategy will help you maximise your ROI, save time and money and grow your brand awareness and market share

User Experience (UX).

UX is all about designing a user’s journey through a website to be natural and free-flowing, enhancing their interaction with your website by improving the usability, accessibility, and interactivity, drawing your audience to delve deeper into your website

Search Engine Marketing.

Search Engine Marketing has a quick feedback loop to allow for continual optimisation of your marketing dollars

Content Marketing.

Content marketing, when done right, doesn’t feel like marketing. It is a strategic approach to the production of content that doesn’t explicitly promote a brand but stimulates an interest in a brand or its services

Social Media Marketing.

Social media channels are the voice of your company and are critical to how your brand is perceived

Web Hosting.

Reliable hosting is critical to every business to ensure your website is online 24/7

Search Engine Optimisation.

Effective Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) is increasing a website’s organic rankings within a Search Engine with the goal of increasing conversions and generating new business


Future-proofing your e-commerce website through pre-development design and forward planning.

Launching a new e-commerce website can be challenging—we take a look at some forward planning ideas that will increase your chance of success and future proof…

Finding profitable niche marketing opportunities for startups and ecommerce stores.

Benefit from seemingly limitless marketing opportunities by learning how to pinpoint low competition, high volume keywords in your niche.

COVID-19 Stimulus Package Response Case Study

The stimulus package website was created to offer timely information on the government stimulus packages available throughout the coronavirus crisis.

Link Building Strategies versus Natural Links for SEO

We delve into the controversial topic of link building versus natural links and how the aversion many have toward building backlinks can stagnate growth.