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SoGood is Sanitarium Health Foods’ brand of dairy-free and lactose-free milk products. The marketing team developed recipes that utilise their products as an ingredient component and required a series of recipes photos to accompany them. The recipe photos need to fit with the brand style guides and were to be used on their website, recipe books, social and back of pack.

Our food photographer worked closely with the Sanitarium marketing team and food stylists to prepare the dishes. Over 2 days we shot 35 dishes.

Staying true to Sanitarium’s health motto and SoGood’s brand, all the recipes were shot to show off a healthy, organic freshness. To accomplish this, we shot using natural light mostly with an occasional fill light and styled the sets with fresh colours. Different recipes called for different viewpoints which aided the composition required.

All of the dishes were made fresh for set and many were cold or frozen, planning was integral to ensure our sets were in place prior to the recipe being ready ready and work efficiently to ensure we captured the best version of the food.

The shoot was performed on location rather than in our own studio, we shot tethered to a laptop and used our standard Canon camera equipment and lighting setup (when needed).

With our food photographer working closing with the food stylist, brand team and Sanitarium’s cooks, we were able to create a range of delicious-looking recipe images that could be used on the SoGood website as well as a recipe book.

Meticulous project and shot planning allowed us to complete many shots in a very short timeframe. The final images fit SoGood’s brand guidelines perfectly and were supplied to the satisfied client in a variety of formats suitable for their use.

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