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The Business Connect program supports small businesses in NSW by connecting business owners with advisors and providing various tools to help them start or grow their business. Many businesses have utilised this program and there are many success stories on their website. To complement the content on the site, the department required imagery and videos for many of their case studies.

We were engaged to capture participants in the business connect program with photography and/or video. The aim was to tell a visual story about their positive associations with the business connect program. There were nearly thirty small businesses spread across NSW whose story was to be told through photography with nine of those requiring a 1-2min video. A precise brief for the photography, video and post-production requirements was provided.

Working closely with the NSW Department of Industry, we developed an extensive shot list for each small business we were to visit. With a tight turnaround time, and participants that were distributed all over NSW, we work closely with the business to map a route and schedule that worked for all 30 businesses without having to retrace our steps.

Half-day bookings were made with each business with much of the post-production was done on the road leaving only the final touches to be done back at our studio. To ensure easy travel, photography equipment consisted of DSLR’s, portable lighting equipment and videography cameras and equipment also portable enough so as not to be too overweight at the airport.

For the video production, a piece to camera interview was conducted with each business owner/manager and autocue equipment was used to keep the amateur interviewees as natural as possible. B-Roll footage was also shot to highlight the business function and staff with music and captioning added during post-production. On occasion when the business was purely the owner, we had to be creative with how it was represented in the video. An example was a business in Dubbo that ended up being shot in the bush.

For the photography, images were taken of the business with some elements of the business premises, the owner and staff as well as the business advisor associated with the Business Connect program.

The deliverables on the project were as follows:
• 35 high res images each for 27 small businesses using our photography services
• A fully edited 1m30 video for 9 small businesses using our video production services

A well organised and agile team resulted in a large project being completed on time and within budget. The NSW Government Department responsible for the business connect program now has a wide range of imagery and video assets to use for case studies, marketing and online content. They were extremely happy with the outcome. So much so, that we were engaged for a further video project which can be read about here[SED Project].

“We are very happy with the outcome from this exercise. It was a pleasure working with the team.”
– Senior Manager Strategic Projects, NSW Department of Industry

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