NSW Department of Industry

Following on from our successful Department of Industry’s Business Connect project, our Corporate Video Production team was once again engaged to capture businesses with success stories for the NSW Governments Skill’s and Economic Development Program.

There were 19 success stories of businesses across NSW that had utilised the skills and development program. Our challenge was to coordinate with the business and organise a shoot to produce a video that highlighted their business and the benefits received from the program. A piece to camera interview and B-Roll was to be shot and edited to a 1-2 min video.

Our team managed the coordination and scheduling of all parties involved in the production, and our services on this project consisted of:
• Pre-production – researching the participants, scripting interview questions; shot list planning; travel logistics; sourcing the required equipment which included cameras, sound and lighting & travel arrangements
• Production – conducting and shooting the interview; recording sound; shooting b-roll footage
• Post-production – editing the sound and visual footage, adding graphics and captions and rendering the videos.

To minimise the impact on the business participants, we kept our equipment to a minimum and minimised our time spent on location. This was done with effective planning and preparation pre shoot.

We supplied the Department of Industry with 19 final videos along with additional footage which provided the department with a variety of professionally produced visual assets to be used within their online presence – website and social media content.

ClientNSW Department of IndustryServicesVideo ProductionYear2018-2019

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